Monday, September 13, 2010

Garage Sale

To all you magnificent guys and gals out there, come down to 2 Gray St Northcote (off Clarke St) on 25th of September for the second Illustre Garage Sale! There will be many treasures for all of you who are looking for a bargain, and you will be helping out the poor second year students from second year illustration. See you then!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Illustrators Australia - 9x5 Exhibition

Hi everyone!

We will be exhibiting some of our work in the exhibition held by Illustrators Australia called "Untold Stories - 15th Annual 9x5 Exhibition & Auction".

It is held at Space 39, 39 Little Collins Street Melbourne, on September 17 from 6pm!
A preview of the works will be available online from September 10.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Raffle Time!

That's right people, help the poor illustrators exhibiting in Illustre and give us money for raffle tickets! The prizes are bottles of wine with limited edition one off label designs made by yours truly. If your interested, send us an email from the contact page and we can hook you up!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Amz Kelso

(Amelia) Amz Kelso is a Nineteen-year-old illustration student who dabbles in illustration, jewellery making and sewing. Aside from food with faces, she loves to draw moustaches, sea creatures, cowboys and collagen-junkie girls with hair as bright as the sun. Her inspirations include James Jean, Tomer Hanuka, Alex Pardee and Heisuke Kitazawa; in addition with fashion, music and literature. Since a trip to Japan in 2007, her style has become more and more influenced by the manga/anime style; she now draws comics in a heavily Japanese style.
She has skills in both design and illustration, working for promotional music packages, participating in exhibitions throughout highschool and tafe; and enjoying every minute of it. She spends her free time sewing strange felt toys, scribbling comics, writing novels and crafting shrimp jewellery. In the future she hopes to open her own studio with close friend and fellow illustrator, Kitty Poduska.

Ann Mcallum

These illustrations are done by Ann Mcallum.

I like to take an experimental approach to most of my projects, I think art is so boundless that it would be a shame to hold back when there's so much out there to discover. I would say my current style now would be contemporary based and revolves around memories and dreams. The most common media I use is acrylic paint, fine-liner, any found media and lost objects I might find along the way.

Colm Flynn

These two are by Colm Flynn.

Greetings and salutations my friends!

I go by the name Colm; my story is not like any other.

For I gave up a life of crime fighting and baddy bashing to pursue my dreams of one day becoming an illustrator. A hard journey it has been, and it promises to only get harder.

I do however, remain strong. Though the streets call out to me for help I must stay determined and focused... inside on the computer.

I primarily work digital!!!